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Gift Certificate

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Important Terms and Conditions
- ESPE Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash
- ESPE Gift Certificates can only be redeemed on
- ESPE is not responsible for lost or stolen ESPE Gift Certificates
- Promotional code is not applicable for the purchase of Gift Certificates
- The purchaser can request a full refund within 7 days of purchase provided that the Gift Certificates have not been redeemed. The purchaser's Paypal account will be credited accordingly. Please note that Gift Certificates will not be eligible for refund if they have been partially redeemed.
- Once you have completed the payment, there will be a printable version of each of the Gift Certificate(s) which you can print out and present to your friend(s). In addition, an e-version of each of the Gift Certificate purchased will be emailed to you for your convenience to forward on to your friend(s).

Each Gift Certificate has a unique number and a corresponding "passcode". It is your responsibility to safeguard the information and reveal such only to the intended recipient.

I hereby confirm that I have reviewed and accepted the above terms and conditions.

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