You care for those you love, so it makes sense that you would do so for your ESPE products too!

  • Scuff marks can be removed by using a light adhesive remover, which you can get from your local hardware store.

  • Pen marks can be removed using hair spray (try on a small unnoticeable area first).

    Pen Marks

  • If you're storing away your handbags for a long time, stuff it with a rolled up towel and have it standing upright so that it will retain its shape – when you take it back out to use again, it'll be as good as new!


  • Zipper getting stuck? Keep it working smoothly by running a bit of candle wax over the open teeth of the zipper.

  • Got a split zipper? Take a look at our instruction sheet on how to fix it easily!
Split Zipper Split Zipper