Girls just wanna have fun, and here at ESPE, so do we! If questions come up during your visit to the ESPE Online Shop, we’re here to answer them! We have answers for some commonly asked questions below.


About the brand

How to buy

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About the brand

Q: How do you pronounce ESPE?

A: Break it up and speak as if the two syllables were letters: "S. P." and there you have it – ESPE!


Q: Where are you based?

A: ESPE is a Canadian designed brand – our Design Team works diligently everyday in our Toronto studio to bring up-and-coming Canadian style to the world!



How to buy

Q: Where can I get my hands on some ESPE?

A: Our products are available for purchase online, or you can consult our Store Locator for an ESPE Retailer nearest you.


Q: I'm looking for a specific product. I can't seem to find it…help!

A: Ask your local ESPE Retailer, check the ESPE Online Shop or send us an email at info@espe.ca and we'll help you find it!


Q: I finished using up my notebook…where can I get a refill?

A: You can get them from an ESPE Retailer (or you can ask them to get it for you too!) or you can get it directly from us for $5 plus applicable tax and a $12 shipping and handling fee. (It's a flat rate…so it's best to get a few, or get them when you make your next online purchase!)


Q: How come my local ESPE retailer doesn't have the full collection?

A: Each ESPE retailer carries different amounts of merchandise and styles appropriate for their respective stores. We sell our products mainly through boutiques, trade shows and select events. If you've been trying to locate one of our products and really can't find it in your region, feel free to let us know at info@espe.ca and we'll see what we can do to accommodate you.



Payment and Shipping

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: For online orders, we accept Visa, MasterCard, or Paypal.


Q: What are your shipping costs?

A: Our freight charges are simple. To Canada and the US (except Alaska and Hawaii), it's a flat rate of $12. So spoil yourself! You can choose more than one item as long as they are shipped to one location. Orders shipped to a Canadian or US address (except Alaska and Hawaii) exceeding $100 receive free shipping!
We use Canada Post/ Canpar for shipping in Canada, UPS for shipping in the United States.



Worldwide Shipping

Q: I don't live in Canada or the US! Can I still order and how much is shipping?

A: Just because you don't live in Canada or the US doesn't mean you can't order ESPE products! We provide worldwide shipping via Canada Post. The standard delivery time for an international order is 4 to 6 weeks. Simply place an order with your international address and, after you enter your address, a shipping quote will be provided to you.

For express and tracking options, please email us at info@espe.ca for a detailed quote. Please include the following in your email:

  • your name
  • address, city, state/province, country, zip/postal code
  • telephone number (daytime)
  • email (if different from the one you used to send your request)

We will personally look up any international shipping options and/or the costs and get back to you right away.



Order Status/Information

Q: How do I know that my order has been received?

A: No worries, we'll send you a confirmation email once it has been received!


Q: Is there any way I can track or check the status of my order once it has been shipped?

A: Your confirmation email should include a tracking number, where you can easily track your shipment.


Q: I've made a mistake or want to change my order. What should I do?

A: Make a mistake? We've got you covered! If you need to change or cancel an order, call us immediately or email us at info@espe.ca. If your order has not been shipped yet, we will gladly change it. Note that your order will not be cancelled until you have received confirmation about it from ESPE.


Q: I'm buying this item as a gift. Does the product come with any sort of wrapping or gift box?

A: We have two different sizes of boxes for our wallets. You can request us to include a box with your order while quantities last.



Product Materials and Care

Q: What are ESPE products made out of?

A: Each and every ESPE handbag and accessory is made from polyurethane, a durable synthetic leather that is animal-friendly. The toxins released from leather processes are incredibly harmful to the environment, so it is against our policy to use leather. Polyurethane does not require much maintenance, will not crack in cold weather, and remains flexible in temperatures as low as -32°C! It's perfect for harsh Canadian winters, which makes it the perfect ESPE material!


Q: How should I care for and protect my ESPE products?

A: Please refer to the Product Care Section on how to best care for your favourite ESPE product!


Q: Do I need to use leather or suede spray on my ESPE products?

A: As our products are not leather, there is no need to use leather or suede spray. For more information on how to best care for your ESPE products, refer to the ESPE Product Care Section.



Wholesale Inquiries

Q: I own a boutique and would like to become an ESPE Retailer. How do I go about doing this?

A: Please send us an email at info@espe.ca. Be sure to include the name of your company, business registration number, billing and shipping addresses, contact name, phone number, fax number, email address, website, how long you've been in business, the nature of your business, and which other lines you carry. An ESPE representative will get back to you soon.


Q: I'm an existing ESPE retailer and I don't know my login and password! What do I do?

A: Give us a call at 1.800.786.7690 or email us at info@espe.ca!