Our Story


Espe love is the love of fashion with an understanding that cruelty free is the only option for our world. We believe no animal should be sacrificed for fashion.


Each espe bag designed in our Toronto studio, is a unique creation that is made to last. Our hope is that you will fall in love with your espe bag and carry it as long as you wish. When you are ready to move on find it a new home and pass on the espe love.


We are an all vegan company and we use durable vegan leather called Poly Urethane. Our materials are ethically sourced and responsibly made. We strive each year to make our products more inline with sustainable practices and are constantly on the lookout for innovative sustainable materials.


The love for our bags has grown over the years into a loyal following of customers who share our ethics and passion for fashionable and eco conscious designs. Our community is as passionate as we are about life, love and happiness and we try to capture this in every design. It brings us joy to know Espe bags are lovingly carried on many of life’s journeys.


“I love the connection people feel to our bags. I hear stories all the time about people carrying their espe bags for years. I’m often told of people being stopped on the street to find out where they acquired such a unique bag.”


“We are proud to partner with so many small businesses across this country and beyond our borders. We know that these incredible business owners are the heart of many communities and play such an important role in our daily lives. I cannot thank them enough for their resolve and support in these trying times.”


Loads of espe love,

Elizabeth Rose

Owner and Fashionista Flower Lover